Toughening the Points Based System

10 November 2008

With unemployment climbing fast, it is no longer acceptable that jobs which have never been advertised in Britain should be offered to economic migrants. Nor should migrants be admitted without a job to go to. The total of these categories is at least 75,000 jobs a year and probably a good deal more… Download the […]

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Will a recession solve the problem of large scale immigration?

19 October 2008

In a nutshell, no. The record shows that the effect is only temporary… Download the PDF to read the full paper.

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Assessment of the Points Based System

12 September 2008

The Government are introducing a Points Based System for economic migration to Britain. It is intended to select those most useful for the economy while balancing any such benefit against the impact of additional numbers on public services. Unfortunately, the system has serious weaknesses described in this paper. Download the PDF to read the full […]

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Excerpts from “Transatlantic Trends: Immigration 2008”

6 June 2008

published by The German Marshall Fund of the United States. Download the PDF to read the full paper.

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